Life Members


Over the course of our proud 63 year history the club has been blessed with many magnificent servants whose efforts, both on and off the field, have not only been tireless but have helped shape the club we all love today. The 18 people below exemplify the type of person that are the soul of our great club. They have been rewarded with Life Membership of Cardiff- Boolaroo District Cricket Club.

  • Cec Brownlow
  • Sandy Alder
  • Jim Parry
  • Max Fox
  • Ian Gorton
  • Don Wells
  • John Hobson
  • Lindsay Dawes
  • Mrs Rhelma Willis
  • David Willis
  • Brett Meek
  • Alex Thomson
  • Steven Cox
  • Darryl Gregory
  • Jason Gregory
  • Ian Hancock
  • Scott Richardson
  • Alex Riley
  • Matthew Maher

Their efforts over the years are still greatly appreciated.