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2022 Pink Stumps Day

Register your team now for CBs Annual Pink Stumps Day!

Pink Stumps Day has been a great success in previous seasons for the CBs with large numbers of club members families and friends providing support for both the club and the McGrath Foundation.

We fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses who support individuals and their families experiencing breast cancer. Our nurses provide physical, psychological and emotional support from the time of diagnosis, throughout treatment. "McGrath Foundation"

Teams will play 6 on the field, we suggest each squad be made of 6-8 players to sub in and out throughout the day.

Number of games and format will change based on the number of squads submitted.

All squads need to be submitted to myself prior to Jan 16 but I suggest as early as possible.

I also suggest anyone who would like to play but has not found a team by this date to contact me and we can find a place for all.

We encourage all to invite family and friends, there will be a canteen running on the day and games will be played at a level for all ages and abilities.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me, further details will be released in due course.

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